Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paging Dr. Recchi...Dr. Recchi

Mark Recchi is the NHL's reigning old guy. He's been in the league since it formed. Okay, not really, but the 43 year old forward for the Boston Bruins is old. And maybe a little crusty. That's how old people are, right? He's also a respected guy, who's won a couple of Stanley Cups. But, following his comments on the severeness of the injury to Montreal Canadiens' injured forward Max Pacioretty, he might have lost some of that respect. At least in Montreal.

Recchi believes the Canadiens exaggerated the extent of the concussion which Pacioretty suffered from, though not denying that he obviously fractured his vertebra. So why would the one time Montreal player suggest this? Because he feels the Canadiens wanted to get Chara suspended.

Looking up Recchi's wikipedia page, I find nothing about him attending medical school. He played junior hockey in the WHL, then a year in the minors, before making it in the NHL full time with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Somehow, I don't he had the time to study up during the down time on a road trip. Nor do I think he had time to examine Pacioretty. So, it would be hard for me to believe Recchi or anyone else outside of the doctors and Pacioretty would know how bad the concussion he suffered was.

And let's be honest, Pacioretty fractured his freaking vertebra from the hit by Chara. Whether he suffered a concussion or not, or whether it was a severe one or not, wouldn't have matter if the league wanted to suspend Chara.

I know what Recchi was trying to do. He was defending his teammate and captain. He believes Chara has been unfairly attacked in some circles. But, I have a feeling in a few days, he may come to regret his words.

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