Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Anthem Controversy

There's a curious anthem controversy involving the Nashville Predators semi-regular anthem singer.  No, he didn't butchered the American national anthem, attempting to add his own spin to it, like some other famous celebrities have tried.  Nor did he forget any words.  So, what's the problem?

The problem, so says Dennis K. Morgan, is that some of country music's finest, including the captain's wife, who just happens to be Carrie Underwood, have been asked to sing the anthem for playoff games, instead of Morgan.  He let the team know of his unhappiness, then let everyone else know through the Tennessean, and was given the thumbs up to do so by Preds management.

Outside of friends and family, it's hard to believe too many people will be behind Morgan on this issue.  The fact is that while Morgan has sang the anthems for the Predators since 2000, that's amounted to only 185 regular season home games out of a total of 639.  So, while he's the "regular" anthem singer, it seems like he's more like the semi-regular anthem singer.

It also seems like somebody who thought people were actually go out to the game to hear him sing the anthem.  While it is cool when any celebrity is trotted out to sing the anthems before the game, anywhere, they are just a precursor to while 17,000 plus fans are there in the first place.

Me thinks the Predators will be looking for another semi-regular anthem singer for next season.

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