Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jersey Change, Part 2

Here's part 2 about what I think about the teams changing their jerseys for next season.

Florida Panthers: The Panthers only changed their jerseys a season ago, so I would suspect anything but a minor change.  I suspect that the team could (should) make the bottom hem stripe thicker.  It would be great if they swapped out the placement of the numbers with the sleeve patch, but that seems unlikely as that is suppose to be one of the big design elements as the owner is a US Army veteran.

Minnesota Wild: A rumour going around is that the Wild will adopt their Stadium Series jersey as their new home, while keeping their current road jersey.  Every since 2007, the Wild's home, away, and alternate jerseys have not matched.  It's a bit of pet peeve of mine, except for the most part, the jerseys look pretty good.  However, it is clearly time to change up the red home jersey, which has lost some of its luster when it was originally released as an alternate jersey in 2003.  The removal of the hem stripes and introduction of faux shoulder yolk in the edge makeover were complete downgrades.

If the Wild do switch to the Stadium Series jersey at home, it would mean having red as a more prominent colour on the green jersey, which is good thing.  On their green alternate and road white, red is almost an after thought.  For me, I would rather they based the new home jersey on the current road, somehow using more red, instead of going with the Stadium Series jersey, as it is nicer.

Nashville Predators: The team changed their jerseys, going yellow at home, back in 2011. The under used colour at home has been fully embraced by the team and its fans.  I hated it when the team switched the blue helmets to yellow helmets this past season full time after wearing them the previous season for Saturday night games only, but have since come around to them.

It would be surprising if the Predators make a major change.  Removing the piping that goes from the front all the way down the sides would make the jersey even more beautiful. Flipping the white socks back to the way they original were would make a whole lot of sense, though I could actually see the team doing the opposite and flipping blue for yellow on the sleeves instead.

New Jersey Devils: The New Jersey Devils have a solid look that should not be changed. But, with the team struggling on the ice and off of it, freshening up the look might be in order.  It also will get the fans they have to buy something new.

What info that has been out there is that the logo won't change and neither would the colours.  Someone close to the team suggested that the Devils will continue to look like the Devils, so that should be good.

While I don't think they should be changing uniforms, if they do, basing something on their original uniforms, but in black and red, wouldn't be such a bad look.

Ottawa Senators: The Sens are coming off a great playoff run that surprised everyone. What's not surprising is that they are changing their uniforms.  They once shard the same template as the same team that just eliminated them from the Eastern Conference Final, Pittsburgh, as well as Tampa Bay.  Both of them have thankfully changed since, with Pittsburgh flipping back to their original set just this season after wearing their original black jerseys at home for the playoffs last season.

There will be those that will want the current alternate heritage jersey to become the full time home.  We have already seen a "light" version of it when the Senators played the Vancouver Canucks in the 2014 Heritage Classic.  I like the design of the uniforms, but do not like the "O" logo, as I do not feel it is strong enough to be a primary mark.  Perhaps, a combination of those jerseys with the long forgotten re-designed side facing logo would make a good match.

To which direction the team will be going is any body's guess.  They could come out with a completely new design that is primarily black at home.  They could use more gold in their colour scheme, which has only used on their Peace Tower alternate uniforms (2000-07) outside of the logo.  Any change could also be minor, instead waiting until the completion of a new arena in downtown Ottawa, though that is not a sure thing yet and would be a couple of years away.

With no third jerseys for next season, the Senators could be also going the route of the Edmonton Oilers, using their current alternate as the home jersey as a stand by until they do make the move downtown.  It would not be the first time they have had mismatched jerseys, as that had been the case from 1999 to 2007.

Part of the reason I believe any change could be minor or the team simply using the alternate jersey is due to the fact that the team's new CEO, Tom Anselmi, only took over in January.  So, unless the jersey change was already in the works, it seems unlikely that such a complete overhaul would have been done in the few months since, as the process usually takes a little longer than just a few months.

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