Monday, May 29, 2017

This And That

Edit: John Scott took to Toronto radio to explain himself, that his answer in regards to P.K. Subban was actually from a couple of years ago and it was taken out of context.  Scott's team just lost and apparently he wasn't happy with some of the things Subban was doing on the ice.

Former NHLer (somehow), John Scott, who became the darling of the 2016 NHL All-Star game in Nashville resurfaced after retiring this past season in an ESPN E:60 documentary on P.K. Subban, to call the Predators' defenceman a piece of garbage.

The actual quote goes: "I don't like him.  I think on the ice, he's a piece of garbage. Perceived as like a hot shot, this guy thinks he's better than everybody."

Let me get this right, the guy who's 15 minutes of fame came about because of a joke played by the fans who stuffed the digital ballot box, is calling Subban garbage.  The guy, who somehow eeked out a 9 year career in the NHL, earning more penalty minutes than actual playing minutes on most nights, is calling a former Norris Trophy winner, garbage.

Perhaps Scott should stick to doing whatever he is doing now in his retirement and keep his opinions to himself.


Sticking with P.K. Subban for a moment.  The defenceman keeps on getting shots fired his way for absolutely no reason beyond he has a big personalty which he is not afraid to show to the world, which seems to rile the old dinosaurs.

NBC Sports analyst, Mike Milbury, called Subban a clown a couple of weeks ago, simply because Subban was enjoying the beat of the music that was blaring through the speakers at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis for game 2 of their series.  

I think Milbury was confused, as Subban is definitely no clown.

These are clowns.

So is this.

Yep, that would be Mike Milbury back on December 23, 1979, when he jumped over the glass and into the crowd at Madison Square Garden and started beating up a fan with a shoe.  He was suspended only 6 games and fined $500.

He's also the guy that traded Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt, and the 2nd overall pick (Senators picked Jason Spezza) for Alexi Yashin at the 2001 draft as the somehow, long time general manager of the New York Islanders.  He then gave Yashin a 10 year, $90 million contract. Yashin starting to suck upon his arrival on Long Island, last playing for them in 2004, when he then had his contract bought out by the Islanders.

Here's a list of the clown things Milbury did as Islanders GM.

One does not have to have a super serious, intense look on their face during warm up (we talkin' 'bout warm up), for them to be ready to play.  Everybody has their own way for getting up for the game.  Lets save the criticizing for when a player actually deserves it and not go on a witch hunt for B.S.

Quite frankly, the NHL needs more players like P.K. and there probably are, but are afraid to show it in public, otherwise they get called out for it.


Congratulations to the Windsor Spitfires for winning the Canadian Hockey League's Memorial Cup.  Having been eliminated in the Ontario Hockey League playoffs and thus off for a couple of months, the host team defeated the Erie Otters to claim their third title following wins in 2009 and 2010.

Outside of the World Junior Championships played each year around after Christmas, junior hockey doesn't quite get the attention or television ratings as the pros.  That isn't to say they don't draw a decent number for the Memorial Cup tournament and the final, though the regular season numbers are much smaller.  It's not a huge surprise considering they are going up against the NHL.

Sportsnet made the same 12 year committment to the CHL, in 2014, as it did to the NHL, though obviously, the deal isn't worth billions, but is a substantial investment in the best junior league in the world.  The network hopes to build it up like its rival, TSN, did with the World Junior Championships.

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